Search thousands of CME courses from more than two hundred fifty CME web sites to find the best courses for your medical practice or specialty.

Before CME, finding appropriate Continuing Medical Education Credits on the internet was a difficult task. CME makes it easy for physicians and healthcare professionals to search by keyword and quickly review courses from several independent accredited sources.
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CME is a TAD Media Group web site. Our first physician web site was a Medical Search Engine for Physicians. On we asked physicians for their thoughts on searching the web for medical information. Among the comments, we noticed a need for a simple way to locate Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses on the web.

There are hundreds of web sites offering thousands of free and for-fee CME courses. Clicking through enough sites to get a good idea of the available CME courses related to your specialty would take an unacceptable amount of time. CME searches more than two hundred fifty CME web sites at once to find CME courses that include the keyword or keywords a physician enters.

After months of research to locate CME web sites and much experimentation to determine the best method to report results, CME was created. The site is coded to return the first page of CME courses. Any CME course that mentions the physician entered keyword in its description will appear on the results pages.

About CME
Please use CME to search for an appropriate Continuing Medical Education course. Then let us know if the results reported by CME are helpful to you. A simple "I like it" or "I couldn't find anything on (keyword)" would go a long way towards improving CME

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New CME web sites are launched every month. We've included all the CME related sites we could find in the CME Buffet database. If you find a CME site that you like, please tell us about it so we can add it to the database.

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